Frank Dux visits The Spy Shop

frank dux at spy shopThe Big Boss let it be known that we would host a private meet with his Hanshi. Spies sped about the Shop making ready and secure for this special appearance.

Go Google Frank Dux, if he is new to you. Jean-Claude Van Damme played him in the movie “Bloodsport”. And Frank Dux taught Jean-Claude those moves.

Real moves. Moves that may have killed men in the secret rings of the Kumite.

Frank Dux strode into headquarters, and did not introduce himself. I’d only seen pictures, and this warrior before me was large, agile and looked dangerous. But he was cool and cordial, happy to see his old student the Big Boss again, noting how well training had slimmed him.

As agents readied cameras and items to autograph, Frank Dux surveyed ISS HQ. He was not pleased with the way The Nodachi samurai sword was displayed. And he himself set it on the stand curve facing up, until it rested in place to his satisfaction.

And this spy wishes his hidden mikes were rolling, because the spontaneous lecture on true masters, teachings, scrolls, and martial mastery was too detailed to recall here. Frank Dux spoke another language, of ninja practice and technique that I could barely keep up with. My Boss urged him to set this lecture to be taped, and that may happen.

While cameras readied, he pored over a book in the Spy Shop with shots of Daniel Craig as 007 in that famous opening chase scene. Although he had not heard of Sebastien Foucan and his Parkour stunts he said it was very much like the runs he himself made in the jungles when pursued by gangs.

We planned on 10 autographs, but Frank Dux was very generous to his friend, The Big Boss, and signed many shirts, hats, photos, and even a machete. He spoke of a film soon to be released about him at Sundance.

And then the private meeting began, and the two master spies recused themselves to the back room, and I slipped away, my mind racing with fights to the death, secrets of the ninjas, and the deadly man who I met at the ISS HQ October 2010.

Go see the Nodachi on top of the glass case that displays the Frank Dux collection of signed Bloodsport DVD’s, shirts, hats, and the kukri knife ( just like the one Mr. Dux used during his jungle missions), all at ISS HQ

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