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Today I will be introducing you to yet another chemical.

vomitVomit Fluid: Unlike syrup of ipecac, this mysterious liquid is flavorless. Pour it into someone’s drink and watch the unfortunate drinker begins to feel queasy, followed by projectile vomiting.

So how could this chemical be used properly?

Law enforcement has used this chemical in multiple ways. One way is for distractions. When special agents or Bail enforcement agents are going after a suspect in the middle of a crowd, they would use the vomit fluid (with permission) and the crowd would turn towards the “sick” distraction. Giving the perfect opportunity to grab the suspect.

The second way to use it is perfect for any one. When a suspect would be on drugs (possibly even having an overdose) police (or other agents) would use this chemical to purge the suspects system of any and all drugs. Better then Ipecac because the suspects would not always agree to the purge, so the police can covertly get the suspect to take the chemical.

Mothers have been known to use this chemical to help their children in cases of drug overdose or alcohol poisoning.

Now how would this chemical be misused?

I’m sure some of our readers could come up with some very creative ways to use this destructively.  College kids use this as pranks, but others do use it in harmful ways. Anytime this is administered everything in your stomach will come up.  Be cautious.

How would you protect yourself?

Similar ways you would protect yourself against the Evacuator. In case you did not read that article i will re-list the ways of protection.

There are to options. The first would be an advanced warning that your food has been tampered with. The best way to do this is with a product called The TeleSpy.

With the TeleSpy you can set it up in or near the area with your food products, and . If any motion is sensed, the TeleSpy will automatically call your number so you can listen in. You will be aware of trespassers and know to stay clear of any food items they may have tampered with.

How can you figure out who the assailant is?

With any covert camera you can monitor the area or near the area your food is kept to record the trespasser as s/he poisons the foods. You will know what foods to stay away from and you will have evidence to prosecute.

Protect yourself, even when you are not there.

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