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“Special Ingredients” were manufactured under contract by DSG Laboratories to fulfill various “unusual operational requirements” of the CIA and other Federal Agencies. Beware!!! These products are now available for civilian sales.

Besides chemicals, equipment is also used for “unusual operations.” We will be releasing articles discussing these various “Tools” as well as giving explanations on what they do, the proper use, the misuse, and how to defeat or detect them.

Today’s item of discussion is:
evacuator1The Evacuator: This liquid has no taste or smell but add it to someone’s drink and you’re guaranteed sudden and explosive diarrhea within 20 minutes.

How would you use this item properly?
A Bail Enforcement Officer would use this chemical to pull the bad guy out of crowds, into mroe private areas. If they are following a biker or a suspect in a gang, they would wait until the suspect goes to a restaurant to eat. Once at the restaurant they would either get permission to go into the kitchen, or they would tip a waitress to apply add the chemical to the suspects food. When the suspects starts to feel the chemical working he will run for the restroom. This makes sure the suspect is not only away from civilians that might get caught in a fight, but it also guarantees they are away from there gang, prevent them from having any backup in escaping.

Now how would you misuse this item?
Most people think of ways to misuse these items without hesitation. Whether its college pranks, or making a disliked co-worker sick for a day, it is completely Illegal to use this item on some one without prior consent.

How can you protect yourself from this item?
There are to options. The first would be an advanced warning that your food has been tampered with. The best way to do this is with a product called The TeleSpy.

telespy-150x150With the Telespy you can set it up in or near the area with your food products, and . If any motion is sensed, the telespy will automatically call your number so you can listen in. You will be aware of trespassers and know to stay clear of any food items they may have tampered with.

How can you figure out who the assailant is?
With any covert camera you can monitor the area or near the area your food is kept to record the trespasser as s/he poisons the foods. You will know what foods to stay away from and you will have evidence to prosecute.

For more information on covert cameras click here

Protect yourself, even when you are not there.

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