“The Most Dangerous Man in Cyberspace” could shop at ISS

coins-200x300Have you Spies read the Rolling Stone article about Jacob Appelbaum titled “The Most Dangerous Man in Cyberspace”?

Quite a story about an American hacker whose cyberware enables all sorts of cyber freedom. The article describes a very talented young spyware creator who’s activities have him on the run from his own government, perhaps for his involvement with the editor and publisher of Wikileaks Julian Assange. I bring it up because it is certainly of interest to Spies like us.

For this man has much to fear, much to hide, and much at stake. And where does the article say Jacob Appelbaum hides his micro data?

In a covert coin.

Just like the covert coins at ISS HQ. Actual quarters, nickels and Kennedy Dollars, drilled out, and able to conceal mini SD memory cards that can hold as much as 16 Gb of Pentagon Papers. When Jacob talks about slapping his covert coin open on the floor, he is using what is sold here at the International Spy Shop.

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