A Long Life Battery Makes All The Difference In Security

Hardly a day goes by without hearing the words, “Caught on Camera.” News stories from around the world report on surveillance and hidden cameras capturing lightweight crooks and dangerous criminals. Maybe the perpetrator you catch on camera won’t make national news, but the security and peace of mind provided by your personal surveillance equipment is equally if not more important to you.

Proper surveillance should allow you to install it, trust it, and forget about it. That’s why powerful long life batteries and no visible wires come standard in Xtreme Life devices. Seconds count when capturing criminals in the act. Make sure your covert devices are equipped with a state-of-the-art PIR sensor. This lightning speed sensor kicks in to action the moment body heat is detected and therefore extends the life of the batteries.

xtremelifeWall clocks, smoke detectors and teddy bears are common household items but when equipped with hidden cameras, they are transformed in to possible life saving surveillance devices. Many models are capable of recording in complete darkness with (IR) Night Vision cameras. A wall clock  in your home or office is as covert as it gets. Place it anywhere and capture a nanny, house-keeper or robber stealing valuables or endangering your family. A smoke detector placed above an entry way or over a cash register is not only impossible to detect but easy to install. A teddy bear can be both cuddly and covert when equipped with an Xtreme Life DVR. Set the bear anywhere in your home and decide how and when to view the captured footage.
Many Xtreme Life hidden camera systems offer the option of remote viewing from your iPad or smart phone. Simply download this free EZ-See app and experience yet another way to monitor your home or office.

Utilizing a QUAD LCD receiver allows you to record on up to 4 cameras and monitor remotely. LCD models offer the convenience of monitoring from a different room in your home on the included 7’ LCD screen.

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