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How to Ensure Child Safety

In this consumer alert we will discuss Child Safety issues and the different ways you can protect your child from danger.

For this week’s article I went to the Internet for my inspiration. Frankly I was very surprised at the number of consumer product safety recalls found at this web site. I downloaded a summary of over 127 recalled toys and over 300 infant/child products. I originally thought there would be only a few, but what a surprise to find so many. The web site is constructed very well and once you select a topic you can search or just browse through all the entries. For this week’s article I selected 4 of the hundreds of products recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

# 1 Date of Release: June 24 1998 Release #: 98-131 Contact # : Nychelle Fleming Phone #: (301) 504-0580, Ext 1192 Description/Problem: CPSC, STK International Announces Recall of Baby Rattles. Problem: These rattles are called “Turning Ball with Whistle”, and are designed to be an infant toy. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury. The handles of these rattles could cause serious choking hazard to infants and young children. Due to the shape of the handle, they could block a child’s airway if inserted in the throat. How Reported: CPSC learned of the problem through testing samples as part of a joint CPSC/U.S. Customs Service import surveillance program.

#2 Date of Release: October 8 1998 Release #: 99-006 Contact # : Nychelle Fleming Phone #: (301) 504-0580, Ext 1192 Company: CPSC & Kmart Corp Announces Recall of Inflatable baby Floats. Description/Problem: The Deluxe Baby Floats are vinyl and consist of a orange circular tube with a blue interior ring. Writing on the float includes, “Super Kiddie Float .. Introduces Your Child To Water …

Splash Club, “ and has a picture of a dolphin jumping through a hoop. It seems the seat of these pool toys can tear, causing the child to unexpectedly fall into the water and possibly drown. How Reported: On August 13 1998, CPSC and Kmart recalled approximately 90,000 of these Splash Clubs units.

#3 Date of Release: April 29 1999 Release #: 99-105 Contact # : Nychelle Fleming Phone #: (301) 504-0580, Ext 1192 Company: CPSC & Walgreen Company Announced Recall of Kid’s Sipper Bottles. Description/Problem: The Kid’s Sipper Bottle is a 9 ounce rectangular bottle with one of four animal characters on the cap. These are a fish, frog, chicken (sometimes mistaken for a duck) or a whale. The bottle includes a plastic belt clip on the back. The bottles’ packaging includes the writing, “Kids Sipper Bottle with belt clip, and “For Ages 18 Months & up” The bottom of the bottle has a sticker reading, “Made in China” The bottle caps can be pulled off, creating a potential choking hazard. How Reported: About 40,000 of these bottles were sold. CPSC and Walgreen are not aware of any injuries or incidents involving these bottles. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury.

#4 Date of Release: April 8 1998 Release #: 98-090 Contact # : Russ Rader Phone #: (301) 504-0580, Ext 1166 Company: CPSC & Gerry Baby Products Announces recall to Repair Baby Monitors, Model # 618 Description/Problem: In cooperation with the CPSC and Gerry Baby Products, the company is recalling 86,000 rechargeable baby monitors sold under the Clear Choice brand name. The model number being recalled is 618. When an electrical short occurs, the rechargeable battery can cause the monitor’s “parent” unit to smoke and flame. How Reported: Gerry Baby Products has received one report of flames and 4 reports of smoke coming from the monitor’s “parent” unit. No injuries or property damage have been reported thus far.

Special Note: The Gerry Baby Model # 602, has also been recalled under Release # 97-002, dated October 3 1997, Contact Rick Frost (301) 504-0580 Ext 1166.  It seems that wires inside the monitor may be improperly connected, resulting in the product overheating with the possibility of the monitor causing fire. Another contributing factor is when blankets or other bedding are placed around or on top of the monitor blocking ventilation. CPSC has received reports alleging the Model 602’s involvement in 2 other fires, including one with a fatality and an injury, and 13 incidents of the monitors getting warm to the touch, including one skin burn. This recall involves monitors with date codes “8806” (June 1988) through “9005” (May 1990).

If you have purchased any one of these products bring them back to the store and get your money back, or contact the manufacturer and ask for a refund and or repair.

If you have your own computer and access to the Internet you can have the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission automatically e-mail you any press release that becomes available. To subscribe, (free) go to their web site at and find the Internet subscription list area and follow the directions. For those of you that do not have a computer, go to the public library. They will assist you in accessing the Internet.

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