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The Indoor Airsoft Range at the International Spy Shop is an experience like no other you will have in San Francisco. With static targets and now our new Electronic Targeting System you can test your skills and accuracy. Bring Your Favorited video games to life! Stop in now and take aim in the Indoor Shooting Range at the International Spy Shop. Great place to let off some steam after work or have a nice date at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Or take on the 007 Challenge.


Become an 005 Agent
Forget wannabe spies, live the dream, and train to be a top shot. Only The best of the best get the best!
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Become an 006 Agent
Forget wannabe spies, live the dream, and train to be a top shot. Only The best of the best get the best!
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Become an 007 Agent
Forget wannabe spies, live the dream, and train to be a top shot. Only The best of the best get the best!
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  1. Always keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction
  2. Always keep your Finger off the Trigger until Ready to Shoot
  3. Always keep the Firearm Unloaded until ready to Shoot
  4. Know your Target and What is Beyond – Make Sure the Down – Range Area is   Unoccupied
  5. Be sure the Firearm is Safe to Operate
  6. Be thoroughly familiar with how the Firearm Operates
  7. Use Only the Correct Ammunition for your Firearm. Never use used bbs or pick     up any bbs off the floor. Doing so can damage the Firearm.
  8. Wear Appropriate Ear & Eye Protection at all times.
  9. Never Use Alcohol or Drugs Before or while Shooting
  10. Unattended Firearms should Not be Accessible to Unauthorized persons
  11. Treat Every Firearm as a Loaded Firearm
  12. No uncontained Firearms beyond the range zone and in Safe areas (shop floor   or  lounge area)
  13. Never handle Firearms while Anyone is forward of Firing Line
  14. Always ask for help if in any doubt.
  15. Shoot only at designated targets. Do not shoot at anything that is not a    designated target.
  16. Negligent discharges will be dealt with severely! You may be banned with no refunds.
  17. All staff members shall be the authority on the range and all Safety Directions from the staff member must be followed at all times.
  18. All guest and members are required to sign in prior to range use
  19. Offenders of these rules will not be allowed on the shooting range and memberships and booking  may be revoked with no refunds.

S.W.A.T. Shooting Simulator Packages

Packages include a Private Shooting Suite for you and your guests, Sate-of-the-Art Shooting Simulator, Shooting Instructor, ATP Handgun rental, 2 mags plus gas per shooter.  Coffee, Tea or Water Included.

Group Packages: Buy 3 Get 1 Free (4TH one is free)

Add $100.00 to any advanced package to train with a Certified NRA Instructor and Learn the following:

  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • Safety rules
  • Use of force judgement (shoot, don’t shoot)
  • Legal aspects of self defense


“This place was the BEST! My boyfriend and I got a deal off Living social (which I highly recommend doing), and even though it expired they still let us use it! Then, we got to shoot at the firing range and it was so much fun. The staff was super cool and friendly and made it an even better experience for us. I HIGHLY recommend doing this at some point, its quite the experience ?And everyone there is really nice!”~ Stacie R. Redwood City, CA

“My family had an hour to hang out in San Francisco and decided to stop in at the Spy Shop to browse the cool gadgets. Very attentive service. We wound up having the time of our life taking turns at the AirSoft mini-range. What’s nice is, because it IS AirSoft, the family can enjoy the range. For just $60, we enjoyed 800 rounds of safe shooting. Would definitely go back! Probably with friends and their kids too.” ~Aaron P., San Mateo, CA


“We went up to use our Living Social coupon for 2 at the air soft range that came with 2 targets and 2 mini take home airsoft guns. 450 rounds goes FAST, but it’s fun to blow off some steam. The store is loaded with amusing stuff, I’m sure if you need a mini spy cam, they could hook you up. Good location and friendly staff. This is the only indoor Airsoft range I’ve even seen in the city – probably the only one. It’s only 2 lanes at the moment, but they said they were looking at renting out the top floor to make a larger range. If they do, I’ll be back!” ~Kimberly S. Millbrae, CA

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