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International Security Solutions – Frank W. Dux

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux is the undisputed 1975 to 1980 (undefeated) No Holds Barred World Heavy Weight Kumite Champion and is the holder of 16 World Records, still intact, as depicted in the cult classic film Bloodsport – Based on true events in his life.

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux Martial Arts History

  • 1975 THROUGH 1980 World Full Contact Kumite (no-holds-barred) Champion; possessing 16 world records which have been standing for little over a quarter of a century; and being Inducted into five martial arts Halls of Fame as a“Living Legend”(e.g. Action Martial Arts Magazine); Frank Dux is a name that is world renowned that came to be immortalized by the motion picture based upon his life – Bloodsport.
  • 1975, boldly started fashion trend of NHB fighters fighting in shorts rather than martial art uniforms, to further the ideals of industry unification and solidarity.
  • In 1980, first to establish the First American School & Style of Ninjitsu.
  • Coached and Produced Over 25 Regional, National & Martial Art World Champions.
  • Recipient Of California Youth Karate Dragon Award, for his humanitarian work with disadvantaged and disabled children.
  • Co-founder of FASST (Focus Action Skill Strategy & Tactics) problem solving technology that applies martial art principles to sustainable solutions that can fundamentally change individuals & society… (i.e. enlightening and motivating victims of aggression or substance abuse how to end the cycle of disfunction, etc.)
  • Author ofMartial Art Bible: Secrets Of Warriorship(release date unspecified) that’s size and scope makes it, virtually, the PDR of Martial Arts.

“One Of America’s Most Lethal Covert Operatives”.

dux 4secret man

Frank Dux is a third generation descendant of Covert Operatives. As elaborated upon in the best selling book based upon his exploits.
The Secret Man, HarperCollins, 1996. A random sampling of his achievements and duties include :

  • Lecturer for the NEOA (Narcotics Enforcement Officer’s Association) on covert planning and operations;
  • Former Adjunct Faculty member of the DOD funded Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force, Criminal Justice Institute, St. Petersburg, Florida;
  • Requested and identified as a contributing source in the compilation and creation of the United States Navy SEAL CFC SPECWAR Manual: K – 431-0097; IN USE BY Black Operations and Special Forces Personnel, WORLD-WIDE.
  • Engaged in confidential activities with the Ukrainian government’s Top Secret Anti-Terror unit — BERKYT.
  • Actively, engages in the creation, evaluation and training of Defensive Tactics, Special Weapons and Tactics, as well as, Hostage Rescue Team Tactics. – World-wide,
  • Honored as a Knight Chevalier, Police Hall of Fame, Miami, Florida;
  • Featured expert on Anti-terrorism and Executive Protection for news shows (e.g. CNBC’s Geraldo Rivera Live, etc.)
  • Former Director of International Operations, Investigative Service Agency, Chicago, Illinois;
  • Security Consultant to NASDAQ Security Solution Companies (e.g. ADNAS – Applied DNA Sciences, etc.)

Consultant To Elite Military And Police Units World-Wide.

An UNMATCHED experience, one that inevitably had transformed Hanshi, Frank W. Dux into becoming, without question, one of the most celebrated, recognized, respected and acclaimed leading combat strategists and tactics authorities in the world, today.

His empirical and rare first hand knowledge of real combat, had inescapably forced Hanshi, Frank W.  Dux to adapt, improvise, improve and change his fighting, not only in order to dominate in his professional no-holds-barred-fights but in his having to overcome real life lethal threats that he encountered while a covert operative and evaluating an implementing tactics as a consultant to elite military and police units, world-wide.

His unique insights and contributions are considered life saving, amongst those charged with neutralizing a lethal or combative threat… Special Forces, Private High Risk Security, HRT, SWAT, Special Operations Command, Black Operations and Law Enforcement Personnel. Thus, his contributions and the sacrifices he made to prove their worth resulted in his being titled: “Knight Chevalier” in the Miami Police Hall of Fame.

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