Investigator Sam Brown – Full Biography

Sam Brown, Private InvestigatorSam Brown began his career over thirty two years ago, working for Private Investigators in San Francisco.

He a Certified Professional Investigator (CPI), a Certified International Investigator (CII), and a member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD). He is a past and current Board Member for the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), serving currently as San Francisco District Director 2007-2009. Mr. Brown received California Association of Licensed Investigator’s “Investigator of the Year” award in 2003. He traveled to India where he lectured on Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence and received “The Investigator of the Year Award” in 2004 from the International Institute of Security and Safety Management in Hyderabad, India, as well as in Nepal in 1998.

Teaching for over half his career, Mr. Brown has taught short courses on investigations at the community college level at De Anza College and Foothill College. He has been a lecturer for the San Francisco Learning Annex since 1988 for “Career as a Private Eye” course, which he designed. He guest lectures at Golden Gate University’s 3rd Year law students.  Author of “Private Eyes” now in its second printing.

Mr. Brown holds a Security Management Certificate from Golden Gate University, has gone through the Special Investigator P.O.S.T Training with the California Criminal Justice Training Center including the San Francisco Police P.O.S.T Academy, as a Reserve Officer.

He also holds an A.S. Degree in Criminology from San Francisco City College with follow up education at San Francisco State University with a major in Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Mr. Brown has appeared on several television broadcasts internationally, including the History Channel’s 2003 “Operation Reunion” (finding and reuniting Vietnam era vets) and “Spy Gear”. His other appearances include “Surveillance” on the Discovery channel, local broadcasts and several newspaper articles. In January 2007, he trained 15 Investigators in Manila, Philippines, who conduct intellectual and copyright infringement investigations.

Sam Brown’s TV Shows

  • Dr. Phil with KRON TV: “Love Smart” 2007
  • National Japan TV Documentary:
    Lost Daughter in USA (in Japanese)  2007
  • KRON TV: Phone Jammers  2005
  • KPIX TV: Missing Doctor  2005
  • KRON TV: Zabasearch  2005
  • History Channel: Operation Reunion
    Reuniting Vietnam Veterans  2003
  • History Channel: Spy Gear  2003
  • Tech TV: Online PI’s  2001
  • Bay TV: “The Show” PI’s  2001
  • Cable: Coffee With Marge  1998
  • Bay TV: Vic Lee Private Eyes  1996
  • Discovery Channel: Surveillance  1995
  • ABC Detroit: Spies and Private Eyes  1991
  • KPIX Channel 5: People Are Talking  1990

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