• $150.00

    1080P Button Camera – BU-18NEO

    New and Improved Ruggedized LawMate Button Camera. The rugged twist button camera offers an ultra secure connection to ensure the camera will not come unplugged. Compatible Only with PV-500NEO-PRO & PV-500NEO.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $99.00

    360 Degree Wi-Fi Camera – WF1130

    It’s all about the view. With this HD Wi-Fi capable camera, you can see a 360° view of the room, allowing you to see angles you couldn’t see before. Because it has Wi-Fi built in, you can access the video feed live from anywhere on any smart phone or tablet. Simply download the provided app, connect to a Wi-Fi server and start watching. Super simple to mount and operate.


    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $19.99

    Adhesive Mount for DP-210 – DP-MOUNT

    Place additional mounts in different vehicles to easily switch the car camera from one vehicle to another without the need to remove the mount.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $342.00

    All-in-One DVR and Camera System – DVR508

    Get the portable, Professional-Grade, high-res video recording you need without all of the complicated menus and settings! The DVR508 is an easy to use, handheld DVR unit that offers motion activated recording and includes a color button camera, all for a low price.


    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $399.00

    Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera – DVR278WF

    LawMate is ready with the next generation of hidden cameras. The DVR278WF is a compact, portable hidden camera designed to look and function as a Bluetooth speaker. It seamlessly camouflages into any environment. The LawMate covert Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera is a 3 in 1 device: use it as a camera, video recording device and/or Bluetooth speaker, all while controlling it on a smart device. This covert Bluetooth Speaker camera is Wi-Fi enabled and IP based which can be remotely accessed and viewed with the PV Cam Viewer App on any smart device as well as recording directly to a memory card to avoid being hacked.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • International Spy Shop

    Car Charger Hidden Camera with Night Vision – DVR277IR

    Get 24-hour surveillance plus night vision with this hidden camera designed as an ordinary car charger. The LawMate DVR277IR has been upgraded it features built-in IR’s and 1080p video footage for around the clock vehicle security. Day or Night, capture evidence of theft, vandalism, or just unwanted behavior behind the wheel. With its discreet hidden camera design and functional USB port no one will suspect the LawMate Car Charger Hidden Camera is packed with the power to keep your vehicle secure.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $299.00

    Car Smartphone Holder WiFi Hidden Camera 1080P DVR – PV-PH10W

    Need surveillance in your car, truck, van or RV? Keep track of anyone inside ANY vehicle type. Our Cellphone Holder Hidden Camera (PV-PH10W) is the best choice for covert surveillance in anything with wheels!


    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $149.00

    D1440 – USB Stick Voice Recorder

    Using the built in Voice Operated System (VOS) the USB Stick Voice Recorder will only record when activated by sound – extending the 18 hours of recording time to days, or even weeks, depending on the amount of voice activity. The 8GB internal memory will hold 288 hours of High Quality (HQ) audio or 144 hours of Extra High Quality (XHQ) recordings. The USB Stick Voice Recorder is perfect for recording lectures or keeping notes or a to-do list!

    MSRP Price: $149.00
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    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $149.00

    D1445 – Digital Voice Recorder & Power Bank

    This dual action mini power bank will charge your mobile devices and record all your important meetings. There is no other power bank that is also a voice recorder! Choose between voice activated or continuous recording modes and enjoy having one less thing to pack for business meetings or lectures.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop