• $150.00

    1080P Button Camera – BU-18NEO

    New and Improved Ruggedized LawMate Button Camera. The rugged twist button camera offers an ultra secure connection to ensure the camera will not come unplugged. Compatible Only with PV-500NEO-PRO & PV-500NEO.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $179.00

    1080P HD Button Camera Set – C1023

    The perfect Mate for any of our DVR’s. This little button camera comes with a big image in 1080P making our LawMate DVR’s full HD.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $349.00

    1080P Headphones WiFi DVR – PV-EP10W

    See every beat. PV-EP10W Cordless headphones allow for Wireless surveillance in more ways than one. No need to worry about wires and connect the 1080P resolution camera via P2P Wireless Network. Record, Live View & Playback on the FREE App.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $59.98

    1800 CASE – Waterproof Protective Case-Small

    Great watertight case to keep high value items dry and safe.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $170.00

    720P Color Button Camera Kit – C1022

    A cost effective HD LawMate Button Camera Kit. Works with all our DVR’s. It’s covert design gives you the ability to record anywhere while wearing the button like camera.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $395.00

    Adaptor Line Cam – DVR252

    An ordinary A/C adaptor with a little secret. The camera is in the end of the power line.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $299.00

    Android Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR – DVR265WF

    Disguised as an ordinary Android charging dock this hidden camera and DVR appears to be charging your Android while covertly recording its surroundings. With the included Wi-Fi capabilities you can control, download, and stream video from anywhere in the world on the free app.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $149.00

    AR-300 – Personal Car Key Voice Recorder

    The AR-300 is a simple, convenient, audio recorder shaped just like a car key. It uses a minimalist one-button on and off switch to allow for easy recording controls and is small enough to fit on your key-chain. The high definition audio records directly to the internal memory, which can be moved to your computer with the included USB cord for easy editing and storage. If you want instant playback, just insert the ear-buds into the device and listen to the saved audio. Great for taking notes and recording seminars!

    Sold By: International Spy Shop
  • $348.00

    Battery Operated 1080P DVR with PIR Built in Camera – DVR1200

    This black box hidden camera can be setup and deployed rapidly. Designed by LawMate to be a portable DVR, it comes with an external PIR sensor and is equipped with 1080p HD video resolution.

    Sold By: International Spy Shop