Executive Home Inspection

Which location is most vulnerable for corporate secrets?

The answer is the executive residence. In our experience this the corporate soft spot. FM cordless phones, analog phone lines, answering machines, baby monitors etc. combine to create the problem.

We recommend a survey of an executive residence in conjunction with the corporate office “post sweep”. There is great value in an inspection that highlights potential problems. For example, if an easily intercepted cordless phone is being used, the recommendation is that it be placed with a spread spectrum model that cannot easily be monitored.

One of our corporate clients had innovative solution to the analog cordless phone problem. They purchased a dozen secure, digital, cordless, spread spectrum telephones that were given to executives to replace their non-secure analog cordless telephones.

Two technicians can complete this type of sweep in about 4 hours. The first part of the sweep is spent looking for radio and video signals. Then, they open and examine the telephones and trace the wiring. The physical inspection is concentrated in the living area. When the inspection is completed the homeowner or his representative is debriefed. Our discussions with the homeowner includes information on a broad range of security issues as appropriate. Common items include physical security, shredders, analog cell phones and safe storage of handguns and how to identify possible surveillance of the residence.

During an inspection of residential answering machines we explain how they may used to eavesdrop on conversations. In one recent inspection we showed how the answering machine would intercept conversations. Someone questioned the housekeeper about the family schedule. This was followed by a break-in where nothing was taken. After the break-in, conversations from the residents were repeated at work. While we were explaining the procedure the homeowner recognized the letters “RM” on the display indicating that the machine was in the remote monitor mode. The homeowner said, “I have seen that before!”

In a different residential survey we found an answering machine problem in a fax machine. The all-purpose device was being used to monitor our client’s home office.

Telephone lines are traced and tested form the instruments to the telephone interface block generally located at the exterior of the residence. In one survey this unsecured interface block was inspected and a radio transmitter was found. In several others we have found “cross-over” wiring, which facilitated an on-going line transmission of signals outside the residence.

If specific issues are being investigated, a more in-depth home inspection is performed.

We are licensed California Private Investigators: #PI10194

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