List of Sweep Team Equipment

Partial list of equipment that is used during TSCM inspection:

  • [1] Eagle Scanning Radio Receivers with Integrated Data Computer System (IDCS) 10 KHz to 2 GHz.
  • [2] Scanlocks ECM, an automatic tuning receiver to detect, identify the frequency and locate low power conventional transmitters operating between 8KHz and 4 GHz.
  • ICOM R8500, a wide band coverage receiver covering the radio spectrum from 10 KHZ to 3.7 GHZ, with external extender, AM/FM wideband – SSB, with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – built in spectrum analyzer and preamplifier.
  • [2] ICOM 7000, wide band coverage receivers covering the radio spectrum from 30 KHz to 3.7 GHz, with an external extender, AM/FM wideband – SSB, with Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
  • ICOM 72-A, a wide band coverage receiver covering for the low end of the radio spectrum from 10 KHz to 30 MHz, AM/FM – CW – SSB and AGC and a preamplifier.
  • [2] Memorex Television Monitors, Model 17, are connected to the TV output on the ICOM 8500 or ICOM 7000 to identify and clandestine wireless television signals.
  • Avcom SDM – 42- provides a 10.7 MHz IF display on all search receivers.
  • [2] RF Signal Monitors SM-1 and SM-2 used w/ the Eagle Receiver
  • E 4407 B Agilent Technologies Spectrum Analyzer is a high performance, compact portable spectrum analyzer that displays absolute amplitude and frequency information of signal within the frequency spectrum of 9 KHz to 26.4 GHz with an internal coaxial mixer.
  • SA 5 Spectrum Analyzer 50 KHz to 2 GHz
  • [2] Oscillators: produces a variable, amplified RF signal to activate a dormant microphone.
  • [1] Carrier Current Receiver CCR-3
  • Desktop Computers and Laptops
  • Microwave Detector, #3052 An LED flashes and audible click with be heard in the presence of a microwave frequency between 800 MHz to 2,500 MHz.
  • Electroviewer IR 2715 is an infrared high-resolution device for observing radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • [3] Electronic Telephone Analyzers are used in evaluating telephone instruments wiring and connecting cables to determine if the instrument has been compromised. [2] TSA-1 [1] ETA-1
  • Tektronix 1503B Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) is a scope unit that can best be expressed as radar for wires. It puts out a short duration electronic pulse that is zapped down the wire under test. It then gives a waveform of the reflections of this pulse, which is charted for future reference.
  • 3M Dynatle 965-A DSP Series Subscriber Loop Analyzer w/ TDR capabilities.
  • Line Impedance (ISA) Load Detector.

We are licensed California Private Investigators: #PI10194


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