Who Gets Bugged?


Bug (verb) – 1. conceal a miniature video, audio, recoding or tracking device in (a room or telephone) in order to monitor or record someone’s conversations.

Anyone can be the target of Covert Eavesdropping, however; some people are under greater risk than others because of financial position, occupation, legal, or domestic situation.

  • Spouses bug each other on a regular basis
  • Parents bug children
  • Businessmen bug other businessmen
  • Scientists bug other scientists
  • Students bug professors
  • Attorneys bug other attorneys (and their clients)
  • Insurance companies bug accident victims
  • Construction companies bug other construction companies
  • Salesmen bug clients
  • Collection agencies bug debtors
  • Police officers bug suspects
  • Executive recruiters bug personnel directors
  • Rock fans bug rock musicians
  • Department stores bug customers and merchandise


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