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Polygraph Exams

Polygraph Examinations

pol·y·graph noun

1.a machine designed to detect and record changes in physiological characteristics, such as a person’s pulse and breathing rates, used esp. as a lie detector.

polygraph exams in progress
Find out the truth. Cost effectively. Every polygraph examination is a unique case. We understand that you may need more than just a heart beat monitor. Our high grade professionals have international experience with a countless number of liers. Gain from our professional insight.

We provide credibility assessment examinations in the following areas:

  • Defense Exams – Defense Attorney confirmatory or exploratory matters
  • Immigration Credibility Assessment Testing
  • Civil Issues – Divorce, contracts, civil suits, small claims
  • Criminal Matters – Assaults, homicide, sexual misconduct, theft, probation
  • Infidelity – Identify extramarital relationships, confirmation of spousal information
  • False Accusations

With a faction of former law-enforcement agents and licensed private investigators at the helm, International Spy Shop stands as a mecca to surveillance and security. Our arsenal of custom equipment and investigative services includes polygraph testing and background checks. Clients can detect and eliminate bugs and hidden cameras with the staff’s professional advice and the equipment brimming from the shop’s shelves and display cases. If home surveillance is what a customer needs, our staff can equip them with digital recorders and nanny cams. Customers can also take investigative matters into their own hands by enrolling in the shop’s high-tech electronic harassment countermeasures class, which includes detection and shielding from microwave weaponry, and lockpicking classes. An airsoft shooting range allows clients to practice their marksmanship and compete with friends, and younger private eyes can practice their secret-agent skills with tricks, toys, and spy gear.

Background Checks

Your business matters, and the people who help you run your business matter even more. The more you know the better off you are. While it is most common to use our services for employment, also think about us discreetly finding out about the one you plan to spend the rest of your life with, or the new nanny in charge of your kids, make sure you are meking an informed decision. We can Help.It is important to hire someone who is honest and trustworthy as well.


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