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Patrick Coffey has a practice as a Security Consultant and Computer Polygraph Examiner with over twenty five years of experience. He is the current contract polygraph examiner for SFPD since 2007, but is also recognized for his criminal defense capabilities for both California Public Defender’s Offices, as well as top flight Criminal Defense Attorneys internationally; inclusive of cases pending in the European Union’s Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg-Caudex France, as well as for international law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

As a former Intelligence Officer he worked both in U.S. Naval Intelligence and in the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency’s field operations division, where he served as a bilingual Vietnamese asset in what every President since LBJ deemed our nation’s highest priority intelligence mission; the resolution of our POW / MIA cases. He further incorporates both the Spanish and Vietnamese languages into his security and computer polygraph practice.

Pat is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Enlisted Intelligence Course, holds a BA in International Relations from Western Illinois University, and graduated from The San Francisco Center for Polygraph Studies. He was among the first wave of those to be certified via written examination in the specialized area of Court Ordered Polygraph Testing of Post-Conviction Sex Offenders through the State of California Peace Officer’s Standards / Training. He has acted as an Instructor in the Security Profession & Polygraph Community, and personally trained other seasoned examiners from the older analog pen instruments to the state-of-the-art Axciton Computer Polygraph System.

He is both a former Axciton International Academy instructor at large, as well as for The Gamma Group of London England, and has served on the Boards of Faculty for both schools. He has worked on behalf of the Academy of Polygraph Science as an instructor for domestic training of law enforcement officers in the computer polygraph profession in Idaho in 2006. He is pending assignment to train the Lebanese armed forces in 1/14 in Beirut Lebanon for an 18 week period. He most recently consulted in 5/13 with the Nation of Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government’s National Security Advisor’s special polygraph unit in anti-terrorism training. He has also assisted the Republic of the Philippines National Police (PNP) Crime Lab / Polygraph Unit in 2011 & 2012 (Camp Cromie / Mandaluyong). He was selected to serve as a Mentor / Monitor for the training of Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Defense from 8/11 to 9/11 in Baghdad, and as an Instructor for two Arabian Gulf region’s Intelligence services (Qatar’s Intelligence 2000/01 &

Oman’s State Security and Intelligence in 2003 and 2011), as well as for one NATO member eastern European government (Slovakia’s National Security Agency) in 2006/07.

Mr. Coffey’s current pioneer specialized body of work involves the applied use of the computer polygraph process in support of filed cases by Petitioners and Law Firms in Political Asylum cases and other Immigration issue cases. He has further testified in these cases as an expert witness in U.S. Immigration Court under Federal Rule of Evidence 702. This growing body of work continues in this area and rare form of testing for self-proclaimed “Victims”, wherein the majority of PDD cases are performed with alleged “Suspects”. It is a pragmatic use of this technical capability in curbing fraud in either validating those who deserve the Asylee status vs. those who have filed fraudulently.

He has been a common guest speaker at the American Polygraph Association’s annual meetings in Las Vegas Nevada (7/06), in New Orleans (8/07), and in Indianapolis (8/08) on “Polygraph Testing for Asylum and Other Immigration Issues. Further, previously for the California Association of Polygraph Examiners in 3/07. He was further the opening guest speaker twice in this specialty for the Backster School of Lie Detection’s 50th Annual Workshop in San Diego in 12/07, as well as the 52nd workshop in 12/09. He is the further the founder of I-CARE / Immigration Credibility Assessment Registered Examiners. He is pending his 2nd training seminar for I-CARE via the Backster school of lie detection in 4/13 for advanced polygraph professionals seeking to enter this specialized area of testing.

Pat has appeared as an expert in the security and/or computer polygraph field on “NBC”, “CNN”, “Tech TV“, Mornings on Two with Brian Copeland”, & Channel 2’s 10:00 O’clock News, and other San Francisco Bay Area Television and Radio shows. He is further a common guest speaker at various Detective Academies, Law Enforcement Training Centers, Professional Private Investigators Associations, and as an Alumni speaker at Western Illinois University.

Patrick Coffey has worked in the greater domestic and international Intelligence and Investigative community since the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis era as his life’s chosen profession. He chose the profession as a motivated teen whose neighbor boy and friend Tim King had been killed as the 4th victim in the 1976/77 Oakland County Child Killer Case; the Detroit suburbs case which was the inspiration for the well-known movie “Halloween”. In what then defied all mathematical odds, twenty nine and a half years later, he has played a major role in solving that case; and which is the subject of a pending documentary movie by producer Jim Killeen set to be shot in 2013/14.

When the need for establishing Truth by the most reliable and modern technical and artistic methods is required; Pat Coffey is the time tested skilled professional to retain.

We are licensed California Private Investigators: #11618


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