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005 Agent Membership

We are offering a select few a unique adrenaline pumping special ops experience!

Whether you are in Gillie, Camo, or Tuxedo, get ready to suit up! Airsoft range members will be informed of Monthly Tactical Training Missions with our Airsoft teams. Each month the International spy shop will organize simulated Airsoft battles and training sessions run by Military, Law enforcement, & Non active Government Professionals with the latest in full tactical Airsoft Gear.

Forget wannabe spies, live the dream, and train to be a top shot. Only The best of the best get the best!


Sold By: International Spy Shop

ISS 005 Club Membership Includes:

  • ISS 005 agent ID Card.
  • 10% off Range Package Price.
  • 1 Free M4 Magazine Round (30 bb’s) per visit.

**ISS 005 Club Membership is good for one year.

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