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30 Person Thermal Image Body Temperature Camera

Screen and check up to thirty individual temperatures quickly and efficiently. The thermal imaging screening system can accurately detect body temperature; capture pictures of faces and create records for tracking and tracing purposes. Use it to monitor body temperature at entrances or exits of businesses, schools and places of worship.


Sold By: International Spy Shop

Thermal imaging cameras are a non-contact solution to detect human body temperature, quickly, safely and accurately.The TMT30BB helps to detect up to 30 people at one time quickly screening and monitoring for high temperatures .

This thermal imaging camera does not need any software configuration, just assemble and power on and the camera will start measuring people’s body temperature.

With the blackbody module at the front of the camera will continuously calibrate the environment for temperature changes, ensuring that the measured temperature value will be always accurate.

When people pass with normal temperature, the thermal imaging camera will detect the person’s face and measure their individual temperature, and there will be a temperature normal displayed in the software. If a person with a fever passes by, the thermal imaging camera will show a temperature alarm in red in the software for that individual , both the thermal imaging camera and computer (or TV) will notify by sounding an alarm , and will automatically take a picture of the person’s face and records a video.


  • High Temperature Screening Accuracy ± 0.3℃ with Blackbox 0.1°C (0.18°F)
  • The thermal imaging camera can automatically measure the human body without any configuration, with or without Face mask.
  • People just walk through without stopping and the system will detect the body temperatures.
  • Increase Temperature screening accuracy with the Blackbox Module
  • Ethernet and HDMI port 
  • Temperature Range from 86F to 113F
  • Screening with Temperature Display, Abnormal Temperature Warning and Recording
  • Lower Cost and Infection Risk at your workplace
  • Screening and detection automatically reduces operating cost and manpower required and decreases cross infection
  • Interface: Power 12 V|Network RJ45|HDMI|Alarm out|USB 2.0|
  • Saves to Local drive or USB flash drive
  • To view and monitor use the Web interface (internet Explorer only)  or download software or the HDMI for TV viewing
  •  Tripod included

Use at entrances or exits, from small retail stores to highly populated crowds.

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