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Advanced Combat Tactics DVD – Shannon Stallard


Sold By: International Spy Shop

SHANNON STALLARD – The advanced combative tactics (ACT) system is a set of nine
expandable and evolving strategies that transform you into a close quarters battle expert.
Whether your intent is self-defense, arrest and control or threat elimination. The act
system has it all from hand to hand to small arms. On this DVD you will learn: Tactics for
multiple attackers, psychological tools that prevent freezing and deadly mistakes,
devastating strikes that work in any street encounter to diminish the power of a bigger
person through control of the spine and much, much more. Mr. Shannon Stallard is a
former bodyguard and leading expert in hand-to-hand and weapons tactics. He specializes
in training those who need effective skills in life and death situations. With a lifetime of
study, holding teaching positions in numerous styles of martial arts, you can now learn
from his elite, hard-won expertise that others have come to trust with their very lives.
Run Time: 1 Hr 35 Min This pricing is available ONLINE ONLY. Standard retail or in-store price is much higher.

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