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DD1216 – iProtect 3-Band RF Detector

One Device shows 3 different types of detection at once displayed in a bar graph. Registers VHF/UHF 50-700 MHz, Mobile and Wireless 700 MHz- 3 GHz and Microwave and Wireless 3-12 GHz.


Sold By: International Spy Shop

Features and Best Uses

Having all three on the screen visibly shows what type of signals are being detected. This device allows the operator to set an alarm to reject background noise to a certain threshold, so it will only detect from at above the frequency set.



    • Detects all types of RF transmissions including analog and digital, audio and video
    • Frequency range 50 MHz – 12 GHz
    • Separation into 3 bands helps to avoid loss of sensitivity near strong interference
    • ALL BANDS and ONE BAND display modes
    • High sensitivity to 3G and wireless protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)
    • Working modes: SILENT, AUDIO and ALARM
    • Adjustable alarm threshold
    • Portable, reliable and easy-to-use
    • The BARGRAPH shows the momentary RF level
    • The HISTOGRAM displays the RF signal over 5 seconds (in ‘ONE BAND’ display mode)
    • The SIGNATURE displays the possible signal type
    • Built-in directed microwave antenna
    • Shock-resistant CNC milled duralumin housing
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with resource of 6 hours
    • Controlled by microcontrollers
    • 2x built-in OLED displays

Video Overview of iProtect DD1216

How the iProtect DD1216 Targets and Eliminates Threats

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