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DNG2300-4 – iProtect 3 Channel White Noise Generator Kit 4

The DNG2300 white noise generator helps to keep conversations and information private. Have confidential meetings and speak freely in your office, conference room or any private space.


Sold By: International Spy Shop

Features and Best Uses

Listening devices, bugs, thin walls or the carrying of a voice don’t stand a chance against the DNG2300-4 White noise generator sound masking system.

When the white noise generator is paired with the transducers and speakers, it produces a low level audible interference by creating vibrations onto the surface of the walls in the protected space. If any form of eavesdropping devices are used it will block the voices and instead it will pick up and relay back the vibrational white noise created by the counter surveillance device. You’ll want to have a good spread of transducers and speakers amongst the wallspace, the number will depend on the size and construction of the room. (all devices also sold separately) installation required.


3 Channel White Noise Generator x1 helps protect from

  • Laser & Microwave surveillance systems using reflections from windows
  • Electronic stethoscopes (contact microphones)
  • Microphones built in the walls or other construction
  • Other Vibro-Acoustic methods of information leakage

TD-2300 Transducer x3

  • Compact design, fits great on windows, walls and other structures
  • Includes mounting set to install on any surface
SP-2300 Acoustic Speaker x 1
  • Creates audible noise to fill the voids and cavities from listening devices
  • 3 way directional sound can be disassemble into 3 speakers if te space isn’t large enough to accommodate it behind a drop ceiling or in ventilation
  • Connect up to 12 speakers to one white noise generator

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