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Door Alarm

With this easy to fit door alarm (self-adhesive pads means there’s no need for messy drills and screws) you can secure any room you like in seconds. Simply install two AAA batteries, attach the body of the device to the door or window frame of your choice and the magnetic sensor to the corresponding door or window, switch the alarm on and ta-da, you’re all set to catch your first intruder! It really is that simple. Thanks to the clever contact sensor fitted within the alarm, this safeguarding gadget will detect when the door or window it’s attached to is opened – and the ear-splitting siren it then emits will let you know too! So if you want to stop a burglar in his tracks or protect the contents of your wardrobe from your shoe-stealing sister, simply rig up this easy-to-use alarm and cover your ears…


Sold By: International Spy Shop
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