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In-Store Product & Equipment Training

3 levels of product training to get an immediate understanding of how to use your products or equipment.



Sold By: International Spy Shop

Enjoy the Retail Experience at Internet Pricing

We provide 3 levels of training.

Level 1: Free courtesy product training after purchase. A 15 minute general product overview. How it works and what it does.

Level 2: For $62.50 more we provide up to 30 minutes of training, which includes general overview of product with step by step hands on training of the product (what it does, how it works, and details on how you can use it for your situation).

Level 3: For $125 more we provide comprehensive training from levels one and two, plus custom set up of your product. We will set up your product with your personal settings, and if this product is to be connected to additional devices, bring the devices with you and we will configure the product and test it.

Three Different Options To Purchase At Internet Pricing

Option 1: Purchase the product online. To receive training call us and schedule an appointment. When you come in you must bring in the product and the receipt.

Option 2: Purchase product over the phone. When product is purchased over the phone we can have it shipped to our store for you to come pick up, at which time you will receive level one training. Purchases will take 7-10 days to arrive. If you would like level 2, or level 3 training let us know.

Option 3: Come into our store and purchase the item. Items will take 7-10 days to ship. Once it arrives, we will call you to let you know that the product is in and to schedule an appointment for training.

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