SG Home Night Vision Smoke Detector Wi-Fi (side view) – SG1545WF

Our SG Home Wi-Fi solution built into a ordinary smoke detector, just plug it in and let the camera do the work. You can customize your covert surveillance system by choosing any of our SG Home Wi-Fi DVRs styles making sure they blend into your environment and best of you can view them all from the same free APP!

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Features and Best Uses

SG Home Hidden Cameras: the Future of Home Automation.

• Set-up is a breeze with our SG Home app

• Now you can view your recorded video right from the SG home app

• Reduce false alerts using PIR to detect the activity you really need to record

• Push notifications alert you of any activity right on your smart device

• All of our cameras have live remote viewing weather they are battery operated or electric

• Hidden SSID (the camera’s id) makes the camera undetectable on your network

• Our IRs are high power making them ten times better than traditional IRs (only  in certain models)

• Includes a 32GB memory card giving you 32 hours of recorded video

• Never worry about someone viewing your cameras our SG Home APP has a Login screen for security


Professional Uses: Perfect for camera installers for heavy traffic areas, Law enforcement, and Loss Prevention managers


Personal Uses: Watch your child’s caregiver, check on your business security, know when the kids come home from school, and see what your pet is up too from the other side of the world.


Crafted in America with over 20 years of experience of innovation in building hidden cameras. Rest assured you get the best with KJB Security Products non-stop customer service and tech support.

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1280x720 Effective Pixels 1/3" digital cmos Image Sensor 125° Field of View NTSC/PAL Compatible Video System Operating Temperature 22°F - 158°F High Power IR's (Night Vision models only)
1280x720 Recording Resolution H.264 Video Compression 30 FPS (depending on Wi-Fi bandwith) 32GB card included (Class 10) MPEG4 Video Playback Files Operating temperature 32° F - 122° F Time Setting Via the Internet Take snap shots and store on your device from anywhere Motion detection Via PIR Power DC 5/12 Volts using only provided AC adaptor Overwrite function PIR Start up time is less than 2 seconds
Requirements for System and App
iPhone 5 or higher  iOS 8.0 or higher Android 4.4 or higher Take snap shots and store on your device from anywhere Remote view from where ever you are Playback recorded video from App App can be used on multiple devices Push notifactions 32 hours on a 32GB card
Quick Set up Guide AC Adaptor 32GB Card installed in the camera
Dimensions:6” L x 6” W x 2” H Weight: 0lb 8oz

How to Set Up Your SG Home Camera on an iOS Device

https://youtu.be/_5mZGPxU-jc SG Home CVR Wi-Fi Quick Setup Guide Step 1. Download the SG Home App from Apple Store or Google Play to your smartphone or tablet. Press 'Sign Up' on the login screen to create a secure account. Open the SG Home Camera, connect the power supply, and power on the camera. Battery models: charge the battery pack first for approximately 10 hours for a full charge. Step 2. After logging into the SG Home App, press '+' at the top right of the screen to add a camera to your account. Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to select your 2.4 GHz wireless network and enter its password: Apple devices: The app chooses the network your device is connected to. If necessary, temporarily leave the app to switch networks on your device prior to returning and pressing 'Next' to enter the network password. Android devices: Select the preferred network from the dropdown list in the app, then press 'Next' to enter the network password. If necessary, press 'Scan' to search for available networks. Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to select your camera’s network (ex. Device_KJxxxxxxxx) to set it up with your network’s credentials and create a unique camera password (Note: This is the password for the camera only, not the password for your wireless network or the app login): Apple devices: Create a unique camera password and press 'Settings'. Temporarily leave the App to switch networks to the camera’s network, then return to continue setup. Wait for the wi-fi icon to show in the status bar before moving forward. Android devices: Select the camera’s network in the dropdown list in the app, then press 'Next' to create a unique camera password. If necessary, press 'Scan' to search for available networks. Step 5. Wi-Fi setup is complete when you see the green checkmark. Press 'Finish' to return to SG Home Cameras list and begin viewing real time video. All devices: there may be a few seconds delay while your device reconnects to your network and the App logs back in to the servers to retrieve your camera list Step 6. Sign up for your desired SG Home® Subscription Plan. www.sghomecloud.com/subscriptions Documentation: Download SG Home CVR Manual & Reset Guide