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Small Mans Advantage DVD – Bob Taylor


Sold By: International Spy Shop

BOB TAYLOR – Was born a little man with a smart mouth and a bad attitude. So he had to learn how to fight – and win. Perhaps the best self educated street fighter around. He developed his unique style of dirty fighting during his 40 years of formal training. He’s worked as a private eye, a personal armed bodyguard to superstar rock groups (like Aerosmith, the Who and Led Zepplin), and a canine handler for 11 separate jurisdictions.

SMALL MAN’S ADVANTAGE – In the most sizzling display of raw fighting savvy you’ll ever witness, little man Taylor PROVES you can quickly learn… and just as quickly use… his personal Bag O’ Nasty Tricks to completely obliterate someone twice your size. In fact… these vicious tricks work best when you’re outweighed, outsized and out-muscled by your opponent! Run Time: 1 Hr 46 Min This pricing is available ONLINE ONLY. Standard retail or in-store price is much higher.

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