A Virtual Reality Experience

Welcome to San Francisco’s latest Virtual Reality Experience! Put on our cutting edge goggles to be transported into a magical world unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Billions of dollars went into the development of this equipment and you can tell. This is unlike your typical video game. You will be required to use your hands and movements to navigate through fully immersive surroundings that will leave you speechless.


The Virtual Reality Experience at the International Spy Shop is a great new way to let off some steam after work or have a nice date at Fisherman’s Wharf. We invite you to join us for what is truly an experience unlike any other! Jump into an alternate reality and immerse yourself with our selection of riveting games and experiences.

Great fun for all ages!

Virtual Reality - International Spy Shop

Prepare to fight off minions and defend your castle. In this exciting game you will use a longbow and arrows to hold your ground as King of the castle!

Virtual Reality - International Spy Shop

Grab hold of your spaceship. This game is one wild ride as you defend your ship against a hoard of evil drones. Shoot them before they shoot you!

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